An Eberle PLS 511-03-S programmable controller controls the Speedband Mk3. The developed   program is held permanently on a static RAM card and all input and outputs can be  monitored  visually on the front face of the PLC by LED indicators.  The PLC offers the advantage of being a simple ‘plug-in’ unit should substitution be necessary during maintenance.





The 511-03-S PLC is mounted inside one of the two main electrical cabinets, this lockable sealed enclosure keeps the PLC and its accompanying electronics safe from any    environmental problems such as moisture or timber debris.







The second electrical cabinet contains all of the 415 volt three phase components, such as contactors and overloads for each of the Speedband’s motors. This cabinet is also lockable ensuring maximum safety, while keeping the internal electronics safe.  





Pneumatic control components of the Speedband are located in one of the two identical pneumatics cabinets.  One cabinet is located the moving side and one on the fixed side of the machine. The moving side of the machine is connected electronically to the fixed side via a  flexible chain link trunking. This allows for different lengths of board to be  accommodated.







Whilst the Speedband is a fully automatic piece of machinery manual control of any function is accessible via the manual control switch box.     





Bands are loaded onto the band holders by the operators at the front end of the  machine, once both operators have pressed their ‘start’ buttons the band holders rotate to a vertical position and the bands are pressed via air cylinders into each end of the board.







The scaffold boards are passed to this station where the hydraulic rams press the band into the sides of the board.  After leaving this    station the boards are stacked by the auto stacking part of the Speedband machine…





…and then driven outside via chains on     completion of a full stack.