The Speedband MK3 is a simple to use automatic end banding machine that uses the customer preferred fully barbed end bands.   It is simple to use and run by only  two operators. The MK3 incorporates full stacking facilities and has a capacity up to 250 boards an hour (or as fast as the operator's can load).

The Speedband MK3 is mounted on rails and divided into two halves - one fixed and one moving side - allowing the machine to accommodate board lengths of between 2.4 and 3.9m.

The operators load the bands into the magnetised band holder at station one. Once they both press their ‘start’ buttons the automated process of the machine begins by transferring the board from the loading area to the first station, where the band is driven into the end of the board. This board then moves to the second station where the band is formed around the sides of the board and driven in.

Following the fixing of the band the board travels to the automatic stacker facility. Stacking in five board rows, up to a maximum height of 25 layers [125 board pack].  The completed pack is then automatically driven out via chains to await collection.

The Speedband MK3 is from a range of machinery that we design and manufacture.  All our products are built for quality and reliability and backed with 25 years experience in machine design and after sales service.